we aspire to bring together
the wisdom of the past and technology of the present to enrich the future of beauty.


At Ayurdeva, we aspire to provide affordable & clean skin & hair care products from safe and effective phytonutrient ingredients for optimum skin health and wellness.

We believe in exceeding expectations without being premium priced because you should not have to compromise your personal health and safety, or the health of the environment.

We strive to be conscious and compassionate in our choices and decisions.

We believe in sustainable beauty – the focus on the long-term environmental, ethical, and social use of our natural resources in formulating and making our products. Products that are safe for you, safe for the environment, and safe for the planet we live on.

Our approach to beauty is holistic. We believe in the art of simplicity. Our products are made in Australia in small batches to guarantee freshness and potency, without unnecessary fillers, chemicals and fragrances – only the Good Stuff!


We keep it REAL so that you can stay your most authentic self.


That focuses on Wellness, not flawlessness. Nourishing, not perfecting. Repairing, not retouching.

We want to empower you to be able to effectively support your skin in a healthy way that’s in alignment with the truth that you are beautiful as you are.


Ingredients matter. And that means for an ingredient to make it to our list of products, it must be best in class, deliver noticeable results, and be free of nasties. And for us, clean beauty is not just about what is left out but also about what goes in. We only offer products that are free of toxic, fillers, and harsh chemicals, and are safe, simple and affordable – because beauty should be simple.

Plus, the products from this low/zero waste skincare brand are developed, produced, packaged, and shipped in an environmentally responsible way.


Beauty is too diverse to be defined by a cultural steretype or a company tagline. Beauty isn’t subjective. Beauty is intrinsic. There is no flaw in you. You were crafted with skill and on purpose. Your combination of form, colour and shape is a masterpiece, a treasure, and worthy of celebration. Heal, treat & care for your beauty with our line of pure, simple and all natural products.

Ayurdeva Gift Packs

We have thoughtfully selected gift packages to make it a special festive season for friends and family.


Thank you so much for the Nilu Mum’s nourishing body massage oil. It has been so wonderful on my pregnant belly. I use it right after my shower and it leaves my skin really hydrated and soft. Its just been a week and I am already seeing signs of increased moisture and less visibility of my stretch marks. Amazing stuff!!!

Sandra M

AyurAvatar is a hair oil but it doesn’t have an oily feel when applied to one’s hair – this is the most important part – as I hate to have sticky oily hair – I love that the AyurAvatar is truly ace, it makes my hair silky smooth and together but not sticky and heavy like most hair oils – no smelly pillow cases !! Love the herbal smell which is so subtle – one of a kind !

Sumathi Krishnan

Your products feel like the kiss of love, gentle and alluring with the promise of visible transformation. Thank you Dee.

Jaya Santhanam

I adore the the Ayurdeva line, I can’t say that enough! The ‘Ramya’ toner is absolutely perfect – exactly what I’ve spent years trying to find. I actually can’t wait to put it on every morning and night! Thank you for putting so much thought and love into these products – I can’t wait to try them all!


I Love the Shejoba cleanser. It efficiently removes sunscreen and makeup leaving my face clean and nourished. The scent and consistency are wonderful. I especially love that is does not require a wash cloth to remove. Just simply rinse. This cleansing ritual is a treat I look forward to each night.

Michelle N
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