Kansa Wand



Sculpt. Glow. Detox. Firm.

Ayurveda’s answer to jade rollers and gua sha crystals, the Kansa Wand is face massage wand. This magical wand is made from an alloy of copper, tin and zinc and is steeped in 5000 year old tradition.

The “Kansa” or “Bell Metal” is naturally alkaline. It therefore has the unique ability to balance pH of skin naturally. Through gentle friction to facial muscles, the wand helps pull acidity from the tissues and improve tone and texture of the skin.


  • Stimulating collagen and vitalizing facial skin
  • Boosting Blood circulation
  • Relaxing all facial muscles
  • Restoring & enhancing facial radiance
  • Delays aging and is good for all skin type

Handmade by a family that has been working with the sacred kansa metal for over 1000 years, using its traditional design, Ayurdeva’s Kansa Wand can be wielded to depuff, soften fine lines and stimulate energy flow.

For optimum results, use it with Kadhambari Essence of Ayurveda face oil.

Please note: As it is used on the face, the massage oil will often become grey, black or clouded if acids are present in the skin. This can easily be removed with a linen facecloth and gentle soap.



One of the latest trends in the beauty industry is the use of Copper Peptides in skin creams – and you’ll be able to find copper pillows, copper infused skin creams and even hair care products abound in popular stores.

While a relatively new discovery for modern science, traditionally, this special alloy of Copper, Zinc and Tin has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda to deliver massages for detoxification, relaxation and cooling, healing effects in the form of a Kansa bowl known as the Kansa Vataki bowl.

The Kansa Wand is a modern version of the Kansa Vataki bowl, giving it an appealing design and making it much easier to use.  massage!

The Kansa Wand has an ultra-smooth polished surface, making it perfect for gliding over your skin, providing a smooth massage, but most importantly, it provides gentle friction to the facial muscles. This process pulls acidity from the tissues (often caused by using makeup with incorrect pH, stress, etc.), decreasing inflammation and blemishes, leading to brighter, smoother skin.

The Kansa Wand can also be used on your scalp and the back of your neck for very deep stress relief and relaxation: we can personally vouch for this! It is also great when used just before bed.


The Concept

  • Made from a combination of 3 metals like copper, zinc and tin – each having specific healing properties as per Ayurveda. Helps draw out toxins
  • Light and small in size, this Kansa Wand is designed for use on the face and neck, but of course can be used anywhere you desire.
  • The simple act of facial massage, combined with the subtle electrical conductivity of the wand’s bronze metal has been known to improve the body’s natural electrical balancing system.
  • The concept is simple, all natural and eco-friendly. The wand generates enough heat (warming whilst in use) to improve blood flow, help revitalize, rejuvenate and detoxify the skin.
  • You should also know, these tools are made by hand- artisans spend hours creating this wand. It is natural, requires no batteries, no electric current and no chemical solutions whatsoever!


  • Helps in lymphatic drainage: Fluid and toxins build up in the lymph nodes and are naturally eliminated by the body. However, conditions such as inflammation, dehydration, excess salt, and lack of exercise can hamper this natural drainage system. A kansa wand massage helps overcome this and accelerates the elimination process, thereby reducing puffiness of eyes, clearing acne, and brightening skin tone.
  • Draws out acidity from skin: A kansa wand massage releases the highly acidic toxins lodged in the lymph nodes, thus helping balance the skin’s pH level. This reduces oiliness and inflammation. Removing highly acidic toxins creates a blackish / greyish effect on the skin during massage which is a healthy outcome of the detoxification process
  • Calms and rejuvenates: Kansa metal has a high electrical conductivity; thus it works on the subtle electromagnetic energy of the body which runs in the meridians and chakras. It amplifies the face’s natural bioelectrical network and revitalizes and balances its systems.
  • Relieves stress and energizes the body: Marma points are vital energy or communication centers in the body which get blocked due to physical and emotional trauma, toxins, and poor digestion. This causes issues like dryness, oiliness, sensitivities, congestion, and discoloration. A kansa wand massage opens the marma points and relieves stress, making the body feel relaxed and healthy.

How to use

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