Our Authenticity Pledge

At AyurDeva, every decision we make – from the ingredients we choose to the packaging we use – is based on the philosophy that beauty should be pure and simple. Simplicity in both composition and manufacturing process and purity of the ingredients are the pillars of every product in our natural range of skin and hair care products. In our world less is more.

Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and can absorb up to 64% of what is placed on it. So it is as important to be aware of what you are putting on your body as it is to watching what you put inside it. The quality of your skin reflects your inner health and vitality. So Ayurveda believes that looking after your skin should be your number one priority.

Your Life

Organic and natural ingredients are not a fashion thing. Poisons that pollute our environment can often be found in the bottles of beauty ‘promises’ stored in our bathrooms. These poisons contaminate our waterways, wildlife, soil, and vegetation, finding their way into our food. Organic agriculture opposes genetic modification and promotes soil fertility, reduced water pollution and healthier products. Certified organic ingredients are also grown and processed without chemicals and certified by supervisory bodies. Stop and think- can your skin, health, or the environment afford for you not to use organic and natural products?

Our Authenticity

When AyurDeva designs new products it is actually the end-to-end lifecycle we’re thinking of. We formulate with natural ingredients, without unnecessary synthetic chemicals and with a focus on efficacy and improved skin results. AyurDeva incorporates an abundance of super-nutrients, nature’s vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes and proteins found in nature to bring you the very best products to nourish your skin. Our products will treat your skin with nature’s nutrients, leaving out harsh synthetic chemicals (that your body was never designed to assimilate), keeping your skin and hair nourished, naturally healthy and balanced.

Ayurdeva Gift Packs

We have thoughtfully selected gift packages to make it a special festive season for friends and family.


Thank you so much for the Nilu Mum’s nourishing body massage oil. It has been so wonderful on my pregnant belly. I use it right after my shower and it leaves my skin really hydrated and soft. Its just been a week and I am already seeing signs of increased moisture and less visibility of my stretch marks. Amazing stuff!!!

Sandra M

AyurAvatar is a hair oil but it doesn’t have an oily feel when applied to one’s hair – this is the most important part – as I hate to have sticky oily hair – I love that the AyurAvatar is truly ace, it makes my hair silky smooth and together but not sticky and heavy like most hair oils – no smelly pillow cases !! Love the herbal smell which is so subtle – one of a kind !

Sumathi Krishnan

Your products feel like the kiss of love, gentle and alluring with the promise of visible transformation. Thank you Dee.

Jaya Santhanam

I adore the the Ayurdeva line, I can’t say that enough! The ‘Ramya’ toner is absolutely perfect – exactly what I’ve spent years trying to find. I actually can’t wait to put it on every morning and night! Thank you for putting so much thought and love into these products – I can’t wait to try them all!


I Love the Shejoba cleanser. It efficiently removes sunscreen and makeup leaving my face clean and nourished. The scent and consistency are wonderful. I especially love that is does not require a wash cloth to remove. Just simply rinse. This cleansing ritual is a treat I look forward to each night.

Michelle N
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