Take the benefits of aromatherapy with you in the car and out on the open road with our Caromatherapy kit.

In the box is

Two Car Vent Diffuser Clips made from top quality 316L Stainless Steel. These diffusers are a breeze to use and so cute while being so functional. Our diffuser clips come in a variety of styles with 96 holes in the back to allow for plenty of air flow to the pad.

Four Diffuser pads made of highly absorbent and durable microfiber.

Two Essential Oil blends. Essential oils are extracted from plants and are a very concentrated form of the healing aromatic compounds either from the plant or produced during the extraction process. Our essential oils harness ancient traditions for modern use of therapeutic benefits and sensory experience. A blend of essential oils to invigorate in the morning or relax or destress on your way back is the ideal way to start or end your day.


We just can’t compare our essential oil diffuser to regular air fresheners; This car jewelry shows exquisite craftsmanship, it LOOKS GORGEOUS on your dashboard, it doesn’t use water so NO VAPOURS or CONDENSATION inside the car; It is ECO FRIENDLY, it is NO MESS and has been designed JUST FOR CARS.

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS are used for this jewelry for cars; it’s made to last a lifetime. The locket is made from high grade 316L stainless steel with easy to use magnetic closure. The air vent clip has protective rubber sleeves to protect your dashboard;
  • EASY TO USE. NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED; The amazing thing with this scent diffuser is that it only requires 2-3 drops of essential oils every couple of days. Just mount it on an air vent, it doesn’t use water, it doesn’t need electric power; The density of the felt pad has been especially designed for an ideal diffusion. Turn on the ventilation of you car for a boost of fragrances. 

Essential OIl Blends

Vihaar Pure Essential Oil Blend: Relax your body and elevate your mind with the soothing aroma of AyurDeva’s Vihaar Pure Essential Oil combination on your way back from work or school.This irresistible blend of sweet orange, chamomile and lavender pure essential oils is the key to evoking a warm, bubbly sense of fun and light-heartedness.

Moksha Pure Essential Oil Blend: Harness your concentration, thoughts and aspirations with a clear mind in the morning on your way to work or school. Featuring Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Basil Oil, Lemon Cold Pressed Oil pure essential oils, this focus blend helps to keep the mind sharp and clear, dispels brain fog, and promotes optimism.

Dhyan Pure Essential Oil BlendThere’s no better blend to refresh and awaken your senses when lethargy strikes! Feel revitalised by the synergy of lemon, orange, grapefruit and distilled lime pure essential oils.

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