Hi!!!! I’m, Devaki – the “Deva” in AyurDeva.

I was born & brought up in India – the home of Ayurveda which literally means “Wisdom of life”. So, the care of the mind, body & spirit in synchronisation with nature in most households in India is a way of life.

It was only natural therefore, that like all girls my age and my background, I grew up listening to my Patti (grandmother), my Mum, my Perima (mum’s elder sister) and my Amma (my mother-in-law) talk about a holistic care of oneself. I was taught the importance of keeping the mind challenged, spirituality alive and last but not the least keep the body healthy internally and externally.

When I got married, moved continents and started a family I became time poor. But that didn’t stop me. I continued most practices with my children giving them massages everyday with natural sesame oil and bathing them with milk and honey. I started to play around with local produce to stay as close to nature as possible.

Challenges of course being the practices were

  • time consuming
  • it didn’t always smell “pleasant”
  • being natural, they didn’t have a shelf life.

So, drawing from the wisdom of ancient Indian medicine – Ayurveda and introducing an element of aesthetics, practicality and longevity the concept of AyurDeva was born. With every product having a unique formula, our intention is to provide purity, harmony, serenity, comfort, calmness, bliss, rejuvenation and revitalization. The slight alliteration denotes subtle changes to Ayurvedic recipes that change the look and feel dramatically while keeping the basic tenets of Ayurveda intact!!

No surprise then that at AyurDeva… Beauty IS skin deep!

Ayurdeva Gift Packs

We have thoughtfully selected gift packages to make it a special festive season for friends and family.


I adore the the Ayurdeva line, I can’t say that enough! The ‘Ramya’ toner is absolutely perfect – exactly what I’ve spent years trying to find. I actually can’t wait to put it on every morning and night! Thank you for putting so much thought and love into these products – I can’t wait to try them all!


I Love the Shejoba cleanser. It efficiently removes sunscreen and makeup leaving my face clean and nourished. The scent and consistency are wonderful. I especially love that is does not require a wash cloth to remove. Just simply rinse. This cleansing ritual is a treat I look forward to each night.

Michelle N

I have sensitive combination skin so I end up trying a LOT of products looking for the ones that actually work. The Shejoba Cleanser is that. It has a honey-like texture going on which I swear is gently exfoliating. Once you add a little bit of water it transforms and tackles all makeup and daily pollutants. My skin is always so soft and glowing afterwards and since I began using this cleanser my skin has gotten SO MUCH clearer. It is my favorite little ritual of the day and it’s a huge pro for me that it leaves my skin looking so vibrant and comes from a family-run business. 10/10.


The Kadhamabari Manjish NIght Oil is by far my favorite face oil for hydration and glow. I’ve tried a few others and always go back to this one. It feels a lighter than other oils and I use it at night to let it soak into my skin. I have combo, blemish prone skin and I’m convinced that this has helped rid me of my once consistent cheek and jaw blemishes.

Anushka R

I absolutely loooooove your products! I actually clean my face before bed now just because I’m so excited to use them! And i wake up dreaming of the smell of the cream on my face!!

Hema M
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