Shimbika – Naturally Australian Banksia Aroma Pod



These whimsical, unique aromatherapy diffuser pots are created from the particularly porous Banksia Grandis seed pods, which soak up essential oils slowly and diffuse their captivating aroma naturally.

The pods are a great way to diffuse your favourite fragrance in your home, wardrobe or even your car! Simply add 3-5 drops of your favourite blend to the banksia pot to fill any small space, such as your bathroom, office/desk, car or drawers with your favourite aromas.

Each scent pot measures approximately 6cm W x 6cm H, however they do vary slightly larger or smaller at times.

Each pod comes with AyurDeva’s Lavanya Essential Oil blend put together especially for these scent pods. You will never go back to chemical ways of freshening up your space again.

These pods are native to Australia and make a perfect gift for friends and family overseas. Attractively priced you cannot give a better gift to someone to remember you as their family from the land downunder!



As beautiful as they are functional, these all natural, hand-made Banksia scent pods are crafted from the iconic and uniquely Australian Banksia seed pod. Banksia is a particularly porous material and will soak up your essential oil and fragrance your room for weeks and can be refilled to keep your space smelling beautiful.

These Banksia Oil Pods are a great way to diffuse your favourite fragrance in your home, wardrobe or even your car! Just add 100% Australian Eucalyptus Oil or another favourite fragrance oil to the pot and the banksia soaks up the oil and gives off a beautiful smell.

These Pods are individually handcrafted from the seed cones of the Banksia Grandis which is found in Southern Western Australia.


AyurDeva Essential Oil – Eucalyptus – 10ml included

Eucalyptus oil feels cool when applied to the skin, yet warms internally, penetrating deep to relax muscles. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties and can be used in vaporizers. It can help allieviate fever symptoms; offers respiratory support; relieves cramps; repells insects; and promotes the healing of wounds.

Zen Pure Essential Oil Blend – 10ml – $12.95
Translated from Japanese, “zen” means “meditation.” In colloquial terms, to be “zen” is to be awakened, enlightened, and relaxed into the present moment. Relax your body and elevate your mind with the soothing aroma of AyurDeva’s Zen Pure Essential Oil combination on your way back from work or school. Promote peace, help calm stress and anxiety, and help balance body systems.

Nimil Pure Essential Oil Blend – 10ml – $12.95
If set up to diffuse a little before you go to bed, this enchanting blend of six pure essential oils will relax you for hours.

Nirvana Pure Essential Oil Blend – 10ml – $12.95
This precise, time-tested blend of patchouli, lemon and jasmine essential oils will help you unwind and create your personal oasis of calm.

How to use

Aroma Pod Instructions
Step 1. Remove the cork from Aroma Pod

Step 2. Choose a good quality Essential Oil or blend and place 1ml of oil into the pod

Step 3. Place cork back on Aroma Pod

The aroma should last up to 2 weeks – add a few extra drops of essential oil weekly, for a longer-lasting effect.

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