Pratyusha – Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper



How to use

The tongue scraping or Pratyusha, is one of the key activities in Dincharya (everyday ritual). It is  recommended that Tongue scrapers are used first thing in the morning before brushing the teeth.

Take the curved edge as far back as comfortable on the tongue and scrape forward. Work the middle and each side of the tongue, using approximately 7 strokes. If you find this induces the gag reflex, try being more gentle and starting further forward on the tongue.



As the tongue scraper is used everyday, it should be washed and dried by hand after use.


This product is designed for long-lasting use, and over  time the colour of the brass will naturally deepen with age. Please help us to protect the planet by caring for your ritualware using environmentally responsible products


Height 1cm x width 8cm x length 14cm; weight 30g

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