Paduka Vati



Destress, Rejuvenate, & Recharge your body with Ayurvedic foot massage wand – Paduka Vati.

Paduka Vati is a unique Ayurvedic tool that is used to treat tired and aching feet. Steeped in centuries of ceremony and tradition a foot massage using the Vati is a wonderfully relaxing treatment which helps to balance body, mind and spirit.

This humble Ayurvedic tool is made from three metals – copper, zinc and tin. Copper is believed to help in reducing pain and inflammation, zinc is believed to help in proper functioning of the immune system and digestion while tin is believed to be helpful in digestion, relieving headaches and insomnia.


  • Made from a combination of 3 metals like copper, zinc and tin – each having specific healing properties as per Ayurveda. Helps draw out toxins
  • Based on the ancient Indian techniques, an authentic product – relaxes tired legs and feet, cleanses the body. Spending just 15 to 20 min on each foot relaxes tired nerve endings which are connected to the internal organs.

How to use

It is suggested to use coconut oil or ghee to massage your feet with Paduka Vati so that it glides on the feet smoothly.

  • Move it in a zig-zag manner
  • Draw out number 8 on the feet
  • Move your Kansa in a circular motion
  • Slide it on your feet in a car wiper direction
  • Heel cupping , sliding on the heel

The Grey Soot

You’ll observe that sometimes grey soot is produced after the massage.

The black soot is the accumulated acids. The vati was designed in Ayurveda to specially aid the lymphatic system. The wand detoxifies by drawing out acidity & balancing the skin’s Ph level. It reduces high pitta or excessive heat & balances chakras. Since the toxins accumulated in lymph nodes are acidic, releasing them with massage makes you feel light, improving healthy blood circulation, inducing peaceful sleep & reducing stress.

If there’s no grey soot while massaging, it doesn’t mean that the vati isn’t working but the benefits are still being assimilated.

Ayurveda promotes Holistic wellbeing, and so utilizing this age-old massaging tool we can ease out our lives by relieving everyday stress and rejuvenating, utilizing the benefits from ancient wisdom.

Go ahead and indulge in this massage, the Mother Of all Therapies!



The Paduka Vati helps to

  • relax tired feet
  • improve blood and lymphatic circulation
  • enhance joint mobility in the lower limbs
  • relieve eyestrain and tired eyes
  • improve the condition of ligaments and muscles of the lower limbs
  • detoxify the internal organs
  • increase strength and stamina in the lower limbs
  • reduce of stress, anxiety and depression
  • enhance mental activities
  • induce sound sleep
  • calm the body
  • restore and balance the body’s innate energy
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