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Thank you so much for the Nilu Mum’s nourishing body massage oil. It has been so wonderful on my pregnant belly. I use it right after my shower and it leaves my skin really hydrated and soft. Its just been a week and I am already seeing signs of increased moisture and less visibility of my stretch marks. Amazing stuff!!!

Sandra M

AyurAvatar is a hair oil but it doesn’t have an oily feel when applied to one’s hair – this is the most important part – as I hate to have sticky oily hair – I love that the AyurAvatar is truly ace, it makes my hair silky smooth and together but not sticky and heavy like most hair oils – no smelly pillow cases !! Love the herbal smell which is so subtle – one of a kind !

Sumathi Krishnan

Your products feel like the kiss of love, gentle and alluring with the promise of visible transformation. Thank you Dee.

Jaya Santhanam

I adore the the Ayurdeva line, I can’t say that enough! The ‘Ramya’ toner is absolutely perfect – exactly what I’ve spent years trying to find. I actually can’t wait to put it on every morning and night! Thank you for putting so much thought and love into these products – I can’t wait to try them all!


I Love the Shejoba cleanser. It efficiently removes sunscreen and makeup leaving my face clean and nourished. The scent and consistency are wonderful. I especially love that is does not require a wash cloth to remove. Just simply rinse. This cleansing ritual is a treat I look forward to each night.

Michelle N

I have sensitive combination skin so I end up trying a LOT of products looking for the ones that actually work. The Shejoba Cleanser is that. It has a honey-like texture going on which I swear is gently exfoliating. Once you add a little bit of water it transforms and tackles all makeup and daily pollutants. My skin is always so soft and glowing afterwards and since I began using this cleanser my skin has gotten SO MUCH clearer. It is my favorite little ritual of the day and it’s a huge pro for me that it leaves my skin looking so vibrant and comes from a family-run business. 10/10.


The Kadhamabari Manjish NIght Oil is by far my favorite face oil for hydration and glow. I’ve tried a few others and always go back to this one. It feels a lighter than other oils and I use it at night to let it soak into my skin. I have combo, blemish prone skin and I’m convinced that this has helped rid me of my once consistent cheek and jaw blemishes.

Anushka R

I absolutely loooooove your products! I actually clean my face before bed now just because I’m so excited to use them! And i wake up dreaming of the smell of the cream on my face!!

Hema M

Fast delivery, recyclable packaging, & fun reads. Honestly, 10/10 service!

Kelly G

Easy, breasy, beautiful!

Bronte K

I’ve been using the products for a week now and I love them! I’ve used the skin cream before but I’d never tried the cleanser or face oil and they are both fantastic. It’s so nice to have something to put on my skin that feels and smells amazing, and not have to worry about it containing any nasty chemical ingredients.

Nancy G

As a working Mum in my (ahem mid) 30s I switched to Ayurdeva for it ease, simplicity and philosophy with no nasties. I have been so happy with what it does for my skin, it’s never looked better!

Amy H

I am loving my skin care! The Sugandha and Ramya Face Cleansing Milk in particular. My skin feels good and happy. I love the scents, the packaging and it feels really good to be using locally made products. I have been seeking a moisturizer like this for a long time. Thank you!


I was duly surprised at the Tupperware idea for these products. No better way to know more about the products. The creator is so knowledgeable and friendly. Love the products she recommended… Loving the AyurAvatar Hair Serum! Smells divine and bye bye frizz!!!


I never wanted to try an oil on my face before, because I was worried I would get breakouts, but honestly the Kadhambari Essence of AYurveda is the best ever product. Everybody should have this. Or gift it to me. Either or.


This product has changed my skin! I’ve alway had oily acne prone skin which have left blemishes on my face that I need to cover up with make-up! Enter Ayurdeva – ever since I was introduced to Ayurdeva’s Piplu range I no longer have oil issues. Goodbye acne, goodbye oily skin, goodbye blemish! and definitely Goodbye blotting paper ??


The Ayurdeva Secret

Keep It Pure

Keep It Pure

Our vision is to create nourishing skincare products that feed your skin, keep it healthy and make it easy for you to maintain gorgeous skin.


Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

At AyurDeva we want to keep it simple. Simply speaking therefore we have tapped into Mother Nature’s vast resources to keep your skin beautiful all round the year.


Keep It Kind

Keep It Kind

When natural is not just an option and luxury remains a staple, turn to the kindand tender skin and hair care range from AyurDeva.


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