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AyurDeva presents the energy saving and eco friendly Beauty Fridge that keeps your products at a constant temperature (20ºC or 68ºF). Store your skincare the right way and improve the lifetime of your products. Running on USB, it is safe enough to use in the bathroom for your favourite natural and chemical free products.

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A Beauty Fridge is the revolutionary way to keep your skincare and cosmetics fresher for longer! Refrigerating your favourite skin and cosmetic products can help to extend shelf life and reduce harmful bacteria becoming present. A refrigerated product may also help calm and de-puff skin and tighten pores whilst giving a more soothing effect than a room-temperature product. 


  • Keep skincare and cosmetics fresher for longer
  • Refrigerated products can help to calm and de-puff skin and tighten pores
  • Product dimensions: 19.4cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 9cm (D)

Care Instructions

  • When using this appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed
  • Read all instructions prior to using this appliance and follow them carefully

What can I use it for

Below is your ultimate guide to some items that Team Ayurdeva recommend keeping refrigerated in The Beauty Fridge are:

    1. DIY Skin Care: Fear no more, the hard work you put into your at home DIY concoctions can now last you longer! Since they are not likely to include preservatives in them, keeping them in the fridge can help regulate the temperature and keep bacterial growth at bay for longer shelf life.
    2. Products with Active Ingredients: Skin care that has a high concentration of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Retinol or Benzoyl Peroxide formulas tend to break down when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. We recommend keeping these precious ingredients in a cool and dark place like inside The Beauty Fridge!
    3. Sheet Masks/Eye Masks: The cooling effects are sure to help with de-puffing and minimising irritation on your skin, reducing excess facial fluid. No matter what the purposes are for either refreshing, tightening, brightening, or hydrating, storing these masks in the fridge will enhance their benefits.
    4. Face Mists: Although it is not essential that these are stored in the fridge, the cooling effect of each spritz will refresh you especially when the weather is hot – the ultimate pick-me-up when you’re melting in the summer heat!
    5. Organic, Natural and Preservative Free Skin care: With a larger focus on brands coming out with natural products containing less chemical preservatives or preservative free formulations, these formulas are likely to decompose quicker. This can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to skin issues such as acne or irritation when applied.
    6. Probiotics (Lactobacillus, Bifidabacterium): Skin care with live probiotic cultures must be refrigerated to extend the life of these ‘good’ bacteria. Any products that do contain these live probiotic cultures most likely were stored in a fridge at the time of purchase – which is also a good indication that they should stay in a fridge. In order to keep this ‘good’ bacteria healthy, we recommend keeping them in their happy ecosystem – a cold fridge.
    7. Facial Tools: Maximise the benefits of your facial rollers, Kansa wands and Gua Shas in the fridge to help boost their de-puffing effects on the skin, increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.


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