Maya Foaming Facewash – For Normal Skin



A perfect hydrating face wash filled with natural ingredients, which gently and thoroughly clean skin and remove light makeup. Aloe Vera gel heals and smoothens skin while antibacterial Vetiver root and Licorice root protects and deeply cleanses the skin leaving it bright and healthy. Fortified with Jojoba Seed oil, the facewash will help soften and rejuvenate skin, minimize fine lines and promote skin suppleness. The pure essential oil of Rose and Orange Blossom have excellent emollient and hydrating properties keeping the skin soft, young and moisturized.


Vetiver, Licorice Root, Jojoba SeedOil, Amla, Aloe Vera Gel, Rose, Jasmine and Neroli EO

How to use

Use two to three pumps (as required) on damp skin. Lightly massage and rinse well with water and pat dry.

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