War against Whiteheads

War against Whiteheads

September 23, 2021 Posted by admin_ayurdeva


Recently I had a couple of whiteheads on my face. I had no idea what they were! They didn’t hurt but they didn’t pop either! It was super annoying and hence started my journey to discovering more about this annoying phenomenon on my face.

Whiteheads are just enlarged hair follicles clogged with skin oils, cells, and bacteria. Though they can appear in any part of the body, it is most common on the face and torso.

To cure yourself of these, you need to approach your skincare routine more holistically. Firstly, follow a regime that includes, cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, moisturising with your favourite serum and moisturiser (we recommend Ramya Face & Neck Butter and Ramya Nourishing Face Oil). Bear in mind that when you steam or exfoliate, make sure to use SPF of at least 15 as most natural remedies make the skin more sensitive to the sun.

Remedies that are a game changer!

  1. Facial Steam
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Exposing the skin to steam encourages plugged pores to open up. We recommend investing in a small facial steamer like the one demonstrated. They won’t break the bank, are safe around children and do the job.

Alternatively, you can boil some water in a bowl. Take it off heat. Bend the affected area over the bowl and cover yourself with a towel to form a cave and allow the steam to condense on the affected area. You can add a tsp of Pushpanjali Botanical Facial Steam a blend of flowers and witch hazel to tone the skin while steaming.

 3. Lemon juice/Yoghurt

Lemon juice and yoghurt are acidic and works to dry out the skin and soak up excess oils. It also contains antibacterial compounds and helps reduce inflammation.

To use, simply make a pack with Besan (chickpea flour) and lemon juice or yoghurt and apply to the face. Wash in 20 min.  Top with our favourite Jojoba rich Ramya Oil.

4. Honey

Honey has powerful antibacterial properties. Its sticky, thick quality also means it smothers pores and stays in place, allowing it to seep deep into the skin.

It can be used by diluting it slightly in rose water. After the skin has been cleaned, the warm honey mixture by rubbing it in your hands and apply directly and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash and top with our favourite Jojoba rich Ramya Oil.

This routine can be repeated as often as necessary.

5. Whitch Hazel

Witch hazel is a popular ingredient in toiletries and cosmetics that claim to help prevent and treat whiteheads. Witch hazel contains astringents or compounds that cause skin cells and pores to shrink, so limiting infection. As the pores tighten, trapped materials may be pushed to the surface and expelled. It is also known to reduce inflammation and remove excess oils.

To apply, simply pour onto a cotton wad and rub onto freshly washed face. Top with our favourite Jojoba rich Ramya Oil

6. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the best moisturiser for Whitehead affected skin. A natural astringent, and it closely resembles the natural sebum and therefore easily penetrates the skin’s surface to heal from the inside. Jojoba oil reduces blemishes and pigmentation & makes the skin softer, smoother and youthful. Ramya is our favourite Jojoba Oil.

7. Facials

Invest in a monthly facial from a reputed beautician. My beautician is Korean and I cannot say enough about the gentle thoroughness with which she treats my skin. a one hour spent, steaming, exfoliating, massing with pure and natural masks oils and creams from the Ayurdeva line keep the skin looking young healthy and whiteheads free forever.

Please feel free to tell me how you care for your skin! I am always eager to learn new ways from different parts of the world

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Keep It Pure

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Keep It Simple

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