Avaram Herbal Bath Powder

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An Ayurvedic bath powder that brings together amazing benefits of natural cleansing, protection from infection/allergies and a pleasing aroma. This Ayurvedic bath powder is made from a variety of natural ingredients that keep your skin moisturized and glowing without affecting your natural pH balance.


This herbal combination has been used for centuries as an ideal beauty care regimen –

  • effortlessly penetrates the skin and improves its texture and complexion;
  • contains nine herbal extracts that heal acne, skin scars, and minor skin rashes naturally; offers hydrating properties that preserve the natural skin oils;
  • effectively removes blackheads & whiteheads; tightens the skin with regular use;
  • naturally improves skin texture and complexion. Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is effortless with this herbal combination.
  • Completely earth friendly and baht water can be used for plants as the ingredients are 100% decomposable


Category 1
Avaram Senna Flower Tanner’s Cassia/ Tangedi/ Avarampoo
Wild Turmeric Amba Haldi/ Kasturi Manjal
White Turmeric Kachur/ Poolan Kulangu/ Kachoram
Neem Powder
Nut grass root Nagarmotha/ Karai Kilangu
Vetiver Khus roots/ Ramacham
Nigella Seeds Kalongi seeds/ Sampangi seeds
Spanish Cherry Maulsari/ Boul Magilam poo
Category 2
Moong Beans Green Beans
Methi/ fenugreek seeds
Handfull dried Rose Petals
Handfull Orange Peels


Apply oil all over the body and soak. Make a thick paste using rose water/milk/yogurt and the herbal bath powder and apply to wet body and wash it off.

This herbal powder is gentle enough to use everyday and strong enough to exfoliate and nourish skin.


Q: Does herbal bath powder work?

A: Yes, absolutely! Herbal components are great for our skin since they don’t mess with the pH balance and keep it hydrated. They can help in various ways, ranging from tan removal to diminishing blemishes and acne scars and even to making you smell great. Prolonged uses of herbal bath powders are sure to give you these benefits.

Q: Can we use herbal bath powder daily?

A: Yes, there’s no harm in using herbal bath powders daily. After you’ve had a shower, sprinkle bath powder on your skin after it’s been wet. Rub your skin gently, as if you were using soap. And then wash it off at the end of your shower. It takes about the same amount of time as using a soap.

Q: Is herbal bath powder good for the skin?

A: Herbal bath powder is 10x better for your skin than any other chemical based soap or shower gel. Herbal bath powder will only provide the goodness of nature and will not have any harmful side effects on your skin. It will leave your skin feeling fresh, supple and radiant for the rest of the day.

Q: How do you use herbal bath powder?

A: If you want to use the herbal bath powder every week, then following this procedure. Apply oil to your entire body. Allow the oil to seep into the skin before applying it again and softly massaging it in. In a dish, mix a tiny quantity of bath powder with water or milk to produce a paste. Apply a sufficient amount of this paste to your oiled skin and let it dry.

You may wipe it off when it has dried by pressing hard on your skin back and forth. As though you’re giving yourself a thorough massage. After that, wash it off. Washing does not necessitate the use of soap, and the besan will do the cleansing in the bath powder. If you wish to use it daily, apply it on wet skin and wash it off with water.

Q: Can we use soap after herbal bath powder?

A: There is no need. This is a common mistake that many people end up making. Applying soap after using a herbal bath powder should be avoided for 24-48 hours at least.

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